The Next World

Carantanians believed that there was a world where the departed dead go, deep underground. There is also an upper world, a beautiful garden, in the mountains, a metaphor for paradise.

Škratelj House

Škratelj House in Divača was built in the 17th century. An important stopover hostelry, it served all traffic until the construction of the railroad between Vienna and Trieste …

Karst sheepdog

"He is intelligent, listens attentively and understands what he is told to do; in short – he is a perfect sheepdog, afraid of nothing."


Vile are mythological beings in south Slavic folklore, incarnation of beauty and power, benevolent friends of sufferers, the dwellers of forests and rivers. Shared by most Slavic cultures …

The Trubar Homestead

The three buildings stand on the spot, where Trubar homestead stood, the house where he was born in 1508, with the mill and sawmill. However the present buildings are of more recent date – merely 200 years old.

ISSV Publications and Web Projects 1984 – 2013

From 1984 – 2013 Institute for Slovenian Studies of Victoria publications, materials for Slovenian language learning, teaching and Slovenian culture studies…

Slovenian Community in Australia