Maya, goddess of nature, greenery and flowers gave the name to the month May. Its visible symbol is maypole (orig. Sl. mlaj), also also called may or maya, which is the focal point of 1st May festivities

Tales of three rivers

Tales about rivers have a special place in Slovenian tradition. They reflect the fondness the Slovenian people have towards their major rivers and express the gratitude and appreciation for the prosperity they bring to their land.


In Slavic languages Triglav means the three-headed one. The image of the three-headed god is recorded in the sources on Pomerania, in traditions of Branibor and indirectly of Carantania, where it

Slovenian lands in 16th century

The fighting and survival strengths of Slovenian people were tested to their limits. They emerged as a self-aware people with a literary language. Protestantism was a watershed …

The Past Captured in Fashions

Clothes worn by the country people in Slovenian Lands till the start of 20th century Mankind had discovered weaving far back in the history of mankind. Embroidery and embellishment of clothes with…

ISSV Publications and Web Projects 1984 – 2013

From 1984 – 2013 Institute for Slovenian Studies of Victoria publications, materials for Slovenian language learning, teaching and Slovenian culture studies…

Slovenian Community in Australia