Bonfire man

Kresnik appears to be the fire god, the son of the sun god, or in later tradition a powerful hero with magic powers. The word Kresnik derives from kres/bonfire and the bonfires of midsummer solstice.

Liznjek Homestead

Liznjek house highlights the well established residential culture of country houses in the Upper Sava Valley during the first half of the 17th century. In the centre of Kranjska gora …

House of Tona

Tona’s house/Tonina hiša got its name after its last resident, the well-to-do farm owner, Mrs. Antonija Goreli. Some 500 years old building, it is a beautiful example of Istrian rural architecture.

Tales of Dwarfs

The underground is the domain of the dwarfs, who guard its treasures. They can lead to great riches, but never willingly. They must be tricked to reveal the hidden treasures of the earth. In their contact with humanity, they are mischievous and love to play tricks.

The Saltpans of Sečovlje

The Sečovlje saltpans (Sečoveljske soline) on the Slovenian Mediterranean coast are today a part of one of the largest coastal marsh wetlands (650 hectares). The wetlands in the estuary of Dragonja River…

ISSV Publications and Web Projects 1984 – 2013

From 1984 – 2013 Institute for Slovenian Studies of Victoria publications, materials for Slovenian language learning, teaching and Slovenian culture studies…

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