Jože Plečnik

The architectural legend of Slovenia Joze Plečnik (1872-1957) holds a special place in the history…


The worship of Svetovid or Svantevid has been established among Baltic Slavs, Rugians and Pomeranians, and Carantanians in the Alpine region. We encounter him only in Middle Europe.

Dancing horses of Lipica

They were bred to selected imported mares and the local Karst horses, which were white in colour, small, slow to mature and extremely tough.

The Saltpans of Sečovlje

The Sečovlje saltpans (Sečoveljske soline) on the Slovenian Mediterranean coast are today a part of one of the largest coastal marsh wetlands (650 hectares). The wetlands in the estuary of Dragonja River…

ISSV Publications and Web Projects 1984 – 2013

From 1984 – 2013 Institute for Slovenian Studies of Victoria publications, materials for Slovenian language learning, teaching and Slovenian culture studies…

Slovenian Community in Australia