Šmit Homestead

The homestead is typical of the lower Pannonian region, built of beams coated on both sides with clay. It is a distinctive regional building style called locally cimprača …

The Trubar Homestead

The three buildings stand on the spot, where Trubar homestead stood, the house where he was born in 1508, with the mill and sawmill. However the present buildings are of more recent date – merely 200 years old.


God Vodin can be traced back to the Venetic people who had settled in Scandinavia. There are also traces of him elsewhere, particularly in pre-christian Caranthania, as the god 

Slovenian cuisine

There are more than forty distinct cuisines in a country, whose main distinguishing feature is a great variety of land formation, climate, and history.


The name Kresnik is reflected in the word “kres” (bonfire), that derives from the word “iskra” (spark). The original meaning of all these names is ultimately fire, symbolic representation of the Sun.

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