Dominkova Homestead

Dominkova Homestead is today more than a museum. Medicinal herbs are growing in the garden. In front of the house they still sow corn, plant garlic and other produce …

How it came to be

In the rich Slovenian folk tale tradition there are many different types of tales. Very significant, attractive and often humourous are the tales of how things came to be. We are presenting the tale of how the rocky Kras region of Slovenia, and the Vilenica cave.

The White Serpent

The white serpent / bela kača occupies a significant place in Slovenian mythology. Known mostly as the guardian of great hidden treasures,  it is a powerful magical being, that can be benevolent towards mankind, rewarding kindness and good deeds.

The Other World

In his article Perceptions of Landscapes, Zmago Šmitek speaks of wealth and diversity in the Slovenian folk tradition, of the imagined, dream, fantastic, utopian, fairy-tale places …


The worship of Svetovid or Svantevid has been established among Baltic Slavs, Rugians and Pomeranians, and Carantanians in the Alpine region. We encounter him only in Middle Europe.

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