Tales of three rivers

Tales about rivers have a special place in Slovenian tradition. They reflect the fondness the Slovenian people have towards their major rivers and express the gratitude and appreciation for the prosperity they bring to their land.

Proteus anginus

In the eighteenth century the amphibian, proteus anginus, inhabitant of subterranean waters, was considered to be progeny of the dragon.

Terra Cognita

In its central European space, Slovenia has maintained a powerful sense of national identity, evident in a highly diversified cultural life, and cultural forms nurtured with long traditions …

Slovenian cuisine

There are more than forty distinct cuisines in a country, whose main distinguishing feature is a great variety of land formation, climate, and history.


The name Kresnik is reflected in the word “kres” (bonfire), that derives from the word “iskra” (spark). The original meaning of all these names is ultimately fire, symbolic representation of the Sun.

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