Slovenian Community in Australia

Proposal: Slovenia House in Ljubljana/ Slovenska hiša

8 July 2007 The Slovenian government has established permanent dialogue with Slovenes around the world. In historic legislation in 2006 (Ur.I. RS st. 43/2006) the legal framework for cooperation with Slovenes abroad was enacted for the first time.  A special consulting body called the Council for Slovenes around the World – Svet za Slovence po svetu –  is chaired by the Prime Minister of Slovenia, Janez Janša. The Council consists of nineteen members, thirteen living outside of Slovenia. Representatives were nominated by the communities and duly elected. A meeting will be held each year in summer and more as needed.
In Australia two representatives Peter Mandelj and Florjan Auser have been appointed. Consultations with the Prime Minister Janez Janša and other ministers have been held and representatives have spoken in the Parliament.
Aleksandra Ceferin has prepared a paper, which was in parts read by Peter Mandelj to the assembled members at the inaugural session  of the Council on 3 July 2007 in Ljubljana. The paper presents the situation of the post-migrant generations of the descendants of Slovenian emigrants, questions the aims and substance of Slovenian emigrant publications and presents two main proposals:
1. a major Slovenian web site
2. establishment of Slovenia House in Ljubljana

Note: The paper was presented in Slovenian with an English version for publication.

Consulate of Australia in the Republic of Slovenia

Consulate of Australia in the Republic of Slovenia
Trg Republike 3/XII
S1-1000 Ljubljana
Phone: (+) 386 1 425 42 52
Fax: (+) 386 1 426 47 21

Mr Viktor Baraga, Honorary Consul

Consulate General of The Republic of Slovenia

Consulate General of The Republic of Slovenia
86 Parramatta Road,
Camperdown NSW 2050
Phone: (+) 61 2 9517 1591
Fax: (+) 61 2 9519 8889
Honorary Consul General
Mr. Alfred Brežnik

Gold Coast Bocce Club Lipa Inc.

Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

Gold Coast Bocce Club Lipa Inc.
P O Box 7649
Gold Coast Mail Centre, QLD 4217, Australia
Ph/Fax 07 5539 4833
President: John Jani Paul

Baraga Library

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Baraga Library
19 A’ Beckett Street, Kew, VIC 3101, Australia
Ph. 03 9853 7787
Fax. 03 9853 6176
Librarian: Marija Oppelt

Slovenian Bowling Association of Victoria

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

It started in 1974, to create an opportunity for the Slovenian Clubs in Victoria to compete in a friendly atmosphere and thereby creating a type of unity between the participating Clubs.
Each year there is a competition with teams comprising of 3 men’s triples and either one ladies quad or two doubles. Each Club then hosts a competition where teams compete against each other and at the end of the season all the results are collated and the winners are awarded trophies at the annual Bowlers? Presentation Night (usually in May) and is held at one of the Clubs on a rotating basis.

Slovenian Club of Perth WA Inc

Perth, WA, Australia

Slovenian Club of Perth WA Inc
131 James Street, Guildford, WA 6055, Australia
Ph 08 9279 4688
Fax 08 9364 2716
President: Ferdinand Pestotnik