Teaching resources

Teaching resources, text-books, readers and references

The text-books for teaching Slovenian in Australia have been a major issue from the beginning. Course-books and text-books, grammars, and work-books published in Slovenia have been plentiful, but none were suitable for teaching a student population in an English-speaking country, whose knowledge of the language was limited and many were more familiar with the dialect spoken at home.
Consequently, the resources that were available, needed to be adapted to the needs of the class. A course-book that could be used as a main course book by all the teachers and students of all ages was Slovenian Language Manual (2 volumes). It was published by Professor Edi Gobec in the USA, and used for teaching Slovenian as a second language. It contained useful and extensive vocabulary lists and grammatical exercises. A wide range of textbooks supplemented the manual and were used by the teacher for variety and stimulation, taking into account the interests of students and curriculum requirements. It had the additional advantage that students in a multilevel class could work independently and at their own level through the chapters.
Several language textbooks were used selectively. These are: Zakaj ne po slovensko? – with dialogues on cassettes and a complete grammar. Certain grammatical elements could be taken and developed by the teacher into reinforcing exercises; for lower levels: Sonja in Peter se učita slovensko 1,2, Veselo v slovenščino, Slovenska beseda v živo, and Učimo se slovensko, work books for lower primary levels. Colloquial Slovene is useful for the texts of dialogue material accompanied with cassette recordings.
For the higher levels the series Učimo se slovenščino I,II,III and Slovenščina za tujce were used very selectively mainly for the texts and grammatical elements. Again these needed to be adapted and developed by the teacher, since they presumed knowledge of the language that a non-native Slovenian could not possess. The primary grammar reference is Slovene: a Comprehensive Grammar by Peter Herrity. Published in 2000, it is the most complete reference of Slovenian grammar, with many examples of language usage.
Slovenian primary school readers were a rich source of materials, although by and large the lower grades were both too difficult and too simple. Useful were illustrations and certain literary forms such as humorous children”s poems and riddles. The most suitable were Slovenian school readers for lower secondary school. The Slovenian Literary Reader is used for the literary component of the syllabus and is a comprehensive historical anthology, containing literary texts not commonly available in the school readers, in a historical chronological order.
A wide variety of resources are used for the language and cultural studies of contemporary Slovenia and are referenced in the curriculum, the emphasis is on authentic language materials, Web resources, video, audio materials, media sources such as radio, journals, magazines, newspapers, television and the Internet.


The bibliography contains the resources used in the Slovenian Course outlines – 2002 for:
Primary, Secondary and VCE levels.

Primary Level

Cajhen, N, et.al, SA Slovenščino v svet 6, Rokus, Ljubljana, 1999
Ceferin, A, Slovenian Folk Songs (with audio cassette), Melbourne, 1985
Ceferin, A, Slovenian Literary Reader, Melboume, 1984
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Klepac, M, Pogac, S,
Slovenščina – Zima, Ministrstvo za šolstvo in šport, Ljubljana, 1997
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Kukovica, F, Kažem, skačem, govorim, igraje se slovenščine učim! Strokovno pedagosko zdruzenje, Celovec, 1997
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 Žele, I, Vrbinc, M, Otroci radi beremo, Mohorjeva založba, Celovec, 1989
Secondary Level

VCE Study Resources – a note
The references for the two years” VCE study, Units 1 – 4 are presented thematically on the Website Thezaurus:

Slovenian Language and Cultural Resources www.thezaurus.com, section VCE Study Resources.

The VCE references have been compiled by the Institute for Slovenian Studies of Victoria for “The VCE Study Design – Slovenian”, also available on www.thezaurus.com.

 “The VCE Study Design – Slovenian” is the latest publication for the VCE Slovenian language by the Education Department of Victoria, Board of Studies, Melbourne, 2001 (accreditation period 2001 – 2005). Further information about VCE studies is available on www.vcaa.vic.edu.au.

Slovenian Language Books

Ceferin, A, Slovenian Literary Reader, Melboume,
1984 Honzak, M, Berilo 7,
Dober dan življenje, Mladinska knjiga, Ljubljana, 2000
Honzak M, Berilo 8, S
krivno življenje besed, Mladinska knjiga, Ljubljana, 2000 Donaj, V,
Dober dan, Slovenščina! Ministrstvo za šolstvo in šport, Ljubljana, 1996
Dular et al, Slovenski jezik 1. Učbenik, Maribor, ZO, 1982
Gobetz, M, & Loncar, B, Slovenian Language Manual 1, 2, Slovenian Research Centre of America, Ohio, 2000
Jug-Kranjec, H, Slovenščina za tujce, Ljubljana, Seminar slovenskega jezika in kulture, 1995
Križaj-Ortar, M, Učimo se slovenščino, Državna založba Slovenije, Ljubljana, 1993
Kunaver, D, Slovenske ljudske pripovedke – Slovene legends, Ljubljana, 1999 Pogac, S & Klepac, M, Slovenščina – Skozi letne čase: Zima, Ministrstvo za šolstvo in šport, Ljubljana, 1997
Grammar Books
Bajec, A, Slovenska slovnica, Državna založba Slovenije, Ljubljana, 2000
Derbyshire, W, A Basic Reference Grammar of Slovene, Slavica, Columbus, 1993
Herrity, P, Slovene: A Comprehensive Grammar, Routledge, London, 2000
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Slovenian Language Reference Books
šimenc, S, Pisno sporočanje za vsakdanjo rabo, Zavod Republike Slovenije za šolstvo in šport, Ljubljana, 1992
Toporišič, J, Nova slovenska skladnja, Državna založba Slovenije, Ljubljana, 1982
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Bogataj, J, Sto srečanj z dediščino na Slovenskem, Ljubljana, 1992
Berk, Bogataj, Puksič, Ljudska umetnost in obrti v Sloveniji, Domus, Ljubljana, 1993 Ceferin, E, Predpisi o zadrugah, CZ uradni list Republike Slovenije, Ljubljana, 1997
Glušič, H, Prešernova družba, Ljubljana, 1996
Gruden, J, Zgodovina slovenskega naroda, 1-2, Mohorjeva družba, Celje, 1992 Jesenovec, A, Lenardič, Književnost na maturi 2002, ICO, Ljubljana, 2001
Kuret, N, Praznično leto Slovencev 1-4, Družina, Ljubljana, 1989
Ovsec, D, J, Velika knjiga o praznikih, Domus, Ljubljana, 1992
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SALAC, Sydney, 1988 Saksida, I, Izhodišča in modeli šolske interpretacije mladinske književnosti, Different, Trzin, 1994
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References – Literature
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Literature and the Arts

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Journals and Periodicals
Glas Slovenije – The Voice of Slovenia, Sylvania, NSW Misli – Thoughts, Baraga House, Kew, Victoria Rodna Gruda, Slovenska Izseljenska Matica, Ljubljana Slovenija, Slovenska Izseljenska Matica, Ljubljana Slovene Studies, Journal of the Society of Slovene Studies, Ohio
SBS 1224 AM 3 ZZZ 92.3 FM
Channel 31- Slovenian Magazine, Melbourne

Web sites


Gorenjski slavček, slovenska opera, TV Ljubljana, 1983
Kamniti Pygmalion: Jože Plečnik, RTV Slovenija, 1992
Prešernova Zdravljica, Jaka, Ljubljana, 1995
Domače obrti na Slovenskem, (2 videos) RTV Slovenija, 1993
Gorenjski plesi – folklorna skupina Emona, Ljubljana, 1997
Košir, I. Zvoki – umetniški program, Ljubljana, 1999
(6 television programs on traditional Slovenian folk festivals)                   
Lenarčič, Lenarčičeva zlata poroka, Brezje, Slovenia, 1998 (Slovenian wedding ceremony)
Iz zemlje vzeto, domači obrti in ljudsko izročilo v Prekmurju in Prlekiji,
NOMI, Murska Sobota, 1998
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(textbook of six Slovenian folktales with two audio cassettes)
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Slovene national and folk songs, SAZAS, Slovenia, 1995 (CD)



Aleksandra Ceferin

Aleksandra Ceferin (M.A., B.A., Dip.Ed.) has introduced Slovenian language as a school subject in Australian school system and founded the Slovenian Teachers' Association of Victoria in 1976. She has extensive experience in language education: as teacher, lecturer, curriculum coordinator, course writer, language consultant and manager, VCE State Reviewer and Chief Examiner. Since 1998 she has been the President of ISSV and the manager and chief editor of its projects. Aleksandra visits Slovenian annually, establishing and maintaining contacts with Slovenia, and initiating exchanges and cooperation between organizations. In 2004 she was the recipient of the National Education Award of RS Slovenia.