Students of Slovenian 1977 – 2005

These are the students who attended the Slovenian language classes at secondary level at the Victorian School of Languages from 1977 to 2005.  Altogether there were 502 students, of these 82 students completed the Higher School Certificate for Slovenian language in the years 1980 – 2005 (matura iz slovenskega jezika).

In NSW in the period from 1979 to 2001, 144 students completed the HSC. The student numbers have not been published.

Abram, David
Abram, Zorko
Adamič, Andrew
Albrecht, Marta
Aliu, Narstarsia
Aliu, Annabell
Ambrožič, Irene
Antauer, Patricia (VCE 2000)
Asenberger, Denise   

Baligač, Susan
Barbis, Sonja
Barič, John
Barič, Joseph
Bedrac, Hinko
Bedrac, Stanko
Belec, Susie
Beljan, Michael
Benčič, Ana
Bergoč, Stephanie
Bergoč, Erica
Birsa, Irene
Birsa, Anne (VCE 1992)
Bizilj, Katja
Bizilj, Snežna
Blatnik, Mojca
Blaževič, Branko
Blaževič, Hilda
Blaževič, Magda
Bogovič, Paul
Bogovič, Tony (VCE 1988)
Bole, Eddy
Borkovic, Ramila
Borovničar, Daniel
Bračko, Peter
Bračko, Danny
Bračko, John
Bračko, Kelly
Braletitch, Alexander
Bratina, Andrew (VCE 2003)
Bratina, Melissa (VCE 2005)
Brenčič, Ana
Brenčič, Helen
Brezovec, Ingrid
Brezovec, Jolanda
Brgoč, David
Brgoč, Peter
Brgoč, Tania
Briševac, Magda
Brne, Katarina
Brne, Lika
Brnjak, Amra (VCE 2001)
Brožič, Barbara (VCE 1992)
Brožič, Christina
Brožič, Doris
Brožič, Joe
Brožič Marko
Brožič, Robert (VCE 1988)
Brumen, Irena
Brumen, Susan
Bucaj, Robert
Bucaj, Sonia
Buchgraber, Alois
Burgar, Darko (VCE1982)
Burlovič, Elizabeth
Butinar, David
Butinar, Rosemary
Butkeraitis, George
Butkeraitis, Tanya (VCE 1986)

Ceglar, Mandy
Celestina, Christine Ann
Cendak, Gladys
Ceppa, Gabriella
Cerar, Gordon
Cerar, Jackie
Cestnik, Christine (VCE 1996)
Cestnik, Wendy (VCE 1999)
Cetin, Helen
Cetin, Jože
Chambers, Bruce
Chambers, Christopher
Chambers, Michael
Cigan, Joanne
Colja, Christopher
Crtalič, Martina
Crtalič, Olga
Cvetko, John
Cvetko, Sylvia
Čampelj, Julija
Česnik, Frank

Damič, Lucy
Debevc, Simone
Deželak, Stephen
Dietner, Iris (VCE 1999)
Dominko, Helen
Dominko, Renata
Dominko, Tatjana
Drezga, Lynette

Erjavec, Katarina

Falan, Amar (VCE 2001)
Falan, Sanel (VCE 1998)
Favier, Francis
Favier-Zorzut, Romana
Feher, Sebastian (VCE 2005)
Fekonja, Frank
Fekonja, Olga
Fekonja, Zlatko
Ferdi, A
Ferdi, L.
Ferfolja, Sylvia (VCE 1983)
Ferfolja, Veronica
Fijan, Andrej
Fijan, Igor
Fistrič, Melissa
Fistrič, Simon
Fistrič, Sonja
Furlan, Frank

Gaspic, Amy
Gec, Sandra
Gec, Sonia (VCE 1982)
Gelt, Eric
Gelt, Frances
Gierek, Ivan
Gierek, Majda
Godec, Anita
Godina, Bruna
Gomizelj, Vivienne
Gorjanc, John
Gorjanc, Ron
Gregorič, Susan
Gril, Karmen
Grilj, Simon (VCE 1992)
Grilj, Tania VCE 1993)
Grl, Stephanie
Grl, Tony
Grlj, Frank
Grom, Janez
Grom Julie

Habjan, Aljaž
Habjan, Natasha
Hajek, John
Hojnik Louis
Holmes, Gaye
Horvat, Angela
Horvat, Arpad
Horvat, Elizabeth
Horvat, Gregor
Horvat, Marilyn
Horvat, Vanda
Hojnik, Louis
Hrvatin, Tania
Hudrovič, Anna
Humphreys, Robyn
Hvalica, David (VCE 1992)

Iglič, Evgen (VCE 1998)
Iglič, Lidija
Iglič, Majda
Iglič, Marta (VCE 1999)
Ilič, Elvis (VCE 1997)
Ilič, Emina VCE 1997
Iskra, Albert
Iskra, Boris
Iskra, Sandra
Iskra, Silvia
Iskra, Susanne
Iskra, Tanja
Ivančič, Frank

Jagar, Renata
Jakšetič, Anne
Jakšetič, Leanne
Jakšetič, Lily
Jakšetič, Tania
Jelovčan, Susan
Jernejčič, Anita
Jernejčič, Silvia
Juriševič, Nastja

Kakol, Sonia,
Kalčič, Irena
Kalister, Irene
Kampuš, Doris
Kampuš, Erik
Kampuš, John
Kirn, Susan
Kirn, Doris
Klančič, Fabjan
Klančič, Loredana
Klančič, Marina
Klančič, Tanya
Knap, Toni
Koce, Lysbeth
Kocjančič, Edi
Koder, Jože
Kohek, Karen (VCE 2000)
Kohek, Michelle (VCE 2005)
Kojc, Daniel
Kojc, Evelyn (VCE 1993)
Kokalj, Klavdia
Kokalj, Tanja
Kolenc, Zoran
Koprek, Damian
Koprek, Louise
Koroša, Joe
Korže, Elsa
Kovačič, David
Kovačič, Sonia
Kovačič, Steven
Krenoš, Anita (VCE 1993)
Križanič, Maria
Križman, Susan
Krnjak, Margaret
Kropič, Ivanka (VCE 1987)
Krševan, Lesie
Kuhar, Sylvia (VCE 1988)
Kure, Christina (VCE 1994)
Kure, Julie (VCE 1988)
Kure, Nick (VCE 1982)
Kure Peter (VCE 1983)
Kurinčič, Frank
Kurinčič, Helena
Kutin, Jelka
Kutin, Tania (VCE 1993)

Lagondar, Greg
Lah, Maria
Lah, Roxanne
Langford, Noel
Laževič, Branko
Leban, Majda
Leber, Michelle
Lenarčič, Francis
Lenarčič, Michelle (VCE 1983)
Lenarčič, Wendy
Lenassi, Vilma
Lenko, Andrej
Lenko, Anton
Lenko, Lenti
Lenko, Lydia
Lenko, Leona
Lesnjak, Robert
Ličen, Marjan
Ličen, Stan
Logar, Anna
Logar, Doris
Logar, Marta
Lončar, Irena
Lončar, Marjan
Lorenzi, Lina
Lorenzi, Paola
Lotrič, Andrea
Lotrič, Robert (VCE 1981)
Ludvik, Irena
Lupson, Andrea

Maddison, Alexander
Maddison, James
Maddison, Lee
Mahnič, Irena
Majcen, Daniela
Maljevac, Eddie
Mamilovič, John
Mamilovič Loreta
Marcina, David
Marinič, Margaret
Markic, David
Markič, Lidija
Markič, Tanja
Marn, Belinda (VCE 1992)
Marn, Darinka (VCE 1987)
Martinčič, Natasha (VCE 1993)
Mavrič, Adriana
Maver, Sonja
McGrath, Leslie
McMahon, Darryl
Melnyk, Mark
Melnyk, Natalie (VCE 1988)
Mezgec, Sonia
Milne, Jan
Mingot, L
Mingot, Maria
Mingot, Susan
Mlinar, Susan
Mohar, Metod
Mohar, Tatjana
Može, Kevin
Mrak, Eric (VCE 1992)
Mrak, Roland (VCE 1988)
Muscat, Kaye
Muster, Hermina

Nanut, Helen
Nanut, Lilian
Nadvesnik, Phillip
Natlačen, Peter
Neubauer, Andrew
Nota, Sonja
Novak, Jan
Novak, John
Novak, Sonja

Ogrizek, Ivanka
Ogrizek, Mandy
Ogrizek, Michael
Oman, George
Oppelli, Helen
Oppelli-Fergeus, Kara
Ostrožnik, Cvetko

Pavel, Karl
Pavlič, Alexandra
Pavlič, Vesna
Pavšič, Tom
Penko Stephanie
Peršič, David (VCE 1985)
Peršič, Ivo (VCE 1982)
Peršič, Katerina (VCE 1984)
Pertot, Edwin
Petelin, Frank (VCE 1991)
Petelin, Jenny (VCE 1996)
Petelin, Mary (VCE 1988)
Petelin, Susie (VCE 1996)
Petrovski, Sašo
Pintar, Angela
Pintar, Phillip
Pintar, Viktor
Pirc, Martin
Pirnat, Marta
Pirnat, Peter
Pišotek, Damian
Plesničar, Mark
Plesničar, Vanessa
Plesničar, Anthony
Plevnik, Joseph
Plut, Frances
Poklar, Elizabeth
Poklar, Eugene
Polh, Catherine
Polh, Michael
Pongračič, Helen
Pongračič, Silvia
Pongračič, Stanko
Popovšek, Kay
Poretti, Giordano
Poretti Valerie
Postružin, Natalie (VCE 2005)
Potočnik, Andrew (VCE 1981)
Požar, Darko
Prosenak, Anne
Prosenak, Joseph
Prosenak, Rosie
Prosenak, Stephan
Prosenak, Suzanna
Puntar, Viktor

Raguž, Mary
Rakar, Steven
Rakar, Susan
Ramuta, Damian (VCE 1988)
Ramuta, Denis (VCE 1996)
Ramuta, Natalie (VCE 1993)
Remec, Zdravko (VCE 1986)
Repolusk, Andrew
Repolusk, Daniel
Rizmal, Zalika (VCE 2003)
Riznar, Carmen
Roeder, Ingrid
Rotar, Roman
Rotar, Sonja
Rožanc, Danica
Rozman, Margaret (VCE 1986)
Rupnik, Sonja

Saksida, Mary
Saksida, Susan (VCE 1983)
Saksida, Vesna
Samsa, Adolf
Sankovič, Anita (VCE 1985)
Sankovič, Ronald
Sass, Karina
Sass, Sonja
Satler, Natasha
Sedmak, Ann
Seljak, Vera (VCE 1982)
Simčič, Daniel
Skabar, Andrew
Skobe, Ivan
Skok, Adriana
Skok, Paul

Skok, Sonya
Skraba, Andrea
Sluga, Anita
Sluga, Miriam
Sluga, Roman
Smrdel, Albin
Smrdel, Anton
Smrdel, Barbara (VCE 1991)
Smrdel, Innes
Smrdel, Marta
Smrdel, Pavla (VCE 1998)
Smrdel, Robert
Smrdel, Veronica (VCE 1993)
Smrdelj, John
Smrdelj, Magda
Sossi, Mara
Sossi, Walter
Spur, Marie-Louise
Srnec Stefan
Starc, Dana
Starc, Oriana
Starc, Sandra
Stemberger, Donna Lee
Stepančič, Vivijana
Stepanič, Julie
Stopajnik, Edi
Suban, Linda
Suban, Marino
Surina, Patricia
Surlan, Tanya (VCE 1988)
Svetina, Vivian
Sycamore, Con

Šajn, Richard
Šenkinc, Irene
Šenkinc, Roma
Širca, Maree
Škabar, Andrew
Škraba, Andrea
Špacapan, Majda
Šraj, Lenka (VCE 2001)
Šraj, Pavel (VCE 1998)
Šraj, Matija
Šrkulj, Sasha
Štolfa, Edi
Štolfa, Frank
Štolfa, Linda
Štolfa, Robert
Štrancar, David
Štrancar, Katerina
Štukelj, Sonia

Telban, Frank
Telich, Marie
Telich, Mateja (VCE 1997)
Thomson Katja
Thomson, Leigh
Thomson, Virginia
Tkalcevic, Irene
Tomazin, Kathlyn
Tomažič, Branko
Tomažič, Igor
Tomažič, Eda
Tomšič, Elvis
Tonc, Danny
Tonc, Diana
Toplak, Andrew
Toplak, Helen (VCE 1985)
Toplak, Steven,
Trebša, John
Tubola, Maria
Turk, Irena

Urbas, Frances
Urbas, Natasha
Urbas, Tony
Urdih, Ivan
Vadnal, Anne
Vadnal, Susan
Vadnjal, Ivan
Vadnjal, Maria
Valenčič. Maida
Van De Laak, Adrian
Van De Laak, Angelique
Van De Laak, Pierre
Varglien, Sonja
Varglien, Tanja
Vaupotič, Helena
Vaupotič, Vera
Verdnik, Damian
Verko, Diana (VCE 1986)
Vidmajer, Genevieve
Vičič, Margaret
Vihtelič, Danilo
Vihtelič, Vinko
Vogrin, Sabina (VCE 1998)
Vogrinec, Michael
Vojvoda, Maks
Volk, Anton
Volk, Frank
Vran, Jenny (VCE 1983)
Vrisk, Katarina
Vrtačič, Sigrid (VCE 1981
Vučko, Andrea (VCE 1981
Vučko, Helen VCE 1981)
Vučko, Mihael
Vučko, Maria

Zadel, Ivan
Zadel, Nada
Zalik, Sonia (VCE 1994)
Zemlič, Anne
Zetko, Karmen
Zetko, Iztok
Zgoznik, Frank
Zitterschlager, Andrew
Zitterschlager, Paul
Zitterschlager, Peter
Zrimšek, David
Zrimšek, Monica
Zupan, Bernard (VCE 1982)
Zver, Phyllis (VCE 1994)

Žele, Adrian
Žele, Anita
Žele, Mary
Žele, Silvia (VCE 2003)
Žnidarič, Edwin
Žnidaršič, Anita
Žugič, Joey

Students of Slovenian in Victoria 1977 – 2005
Slovenian VCE /Matriculation Classes 1981 – 2005




Aleksandra Ceferin

Aleksandra Ceferin (M.A., B.A., Dip.Ed.) has introduced Slovenian language as a school subject in Australian school system and founded the Slovenian Teachers' Association of Victoria in 1976. She has extensive experience in language education: as teacher, lecturer, curriculum coordinator, course writer, language consultant and manager, VCE State Reviewer and Chief Examiner. Since 1998 she has been the President of ISSV and the manager and chief editor of its projects. Aleksandra visits Slovenian annually, establishing and maintaining contacts with Slovenia, and initiating exchanges and cooperation between organizations. In 2004 she was the recipient of the National Education Award of RS Slovenia.