Slovenian VCE students

Altogether 82 students completed the Victorian Certificate of Education from 1980 to 2005. They were dedicated young Slovenian Australians, who dedicated a great deal of effort  to attend classes on Saturdays, often travelling some distance.

Slovenian VCE Students (maturanti) in years 1980 – 2005

Lotrič Robert (VCE 1981)
Potočnik Andrew (VCE 1981)
Vrtačič Sigrid (VCE 1981)
Vučko Andrea (VCE 1981)
Vučko Helen (VCE 1981)     
Seljak Vera (VCE 1982)
Zupan Bernard (VCE 1982)     
Kure Nick (VCE 1982)
Gec Sonja (VCE 1982)
Burgar Darko (VCE 1982)
Peršič Ivo (VCE 1982)
Koce Lysbeth (VCE 1982)
Kure Peter (VCE 1983)
Saksida Suzy (VCE 1983)
Bogve Srečko (VCE 1983)
Lenarčič Michelle (VCE 1983)
Vran Jenny (VCE 1983)
Ferfolja Sylvia (VCE 1983)
Peršič David (VCE 1985)
Toplak Helen (VCE 1985)
Sankovič Anita (VCE 1985)
Butkeraitis Tanya (VCE 1986)
Rozman Margaret (VCE 1986)
Remec Zdravko (VCE 1986)
Verko Diana (VCE 1986)
Kropič Ivanka (VCE 1987)
Marn Darinka (VCE 1987)
Melnyk Natalie (VCE 1988)
Surlan Tanya (VCE 1988)
Mrak Roland (VCE 1988)
Kure Julie (VCE 1988)
Ramuta Damian (VCE 1988)     
Brožič Robert (VCE 1988)
Bogovič Tony (VCE 1988)
Kuhar Sylvia (VCE 1988)
Petelin Mary (VCE 1988)
Petelin Frank (VCE 1991)
Barbara Smrdel (VCE 1991)
Hvalica David (VCE 1992)
Brožič Barbara (VCE 1992)
Birsa Anne (VCE 1992)
Marn Belinda (VCE 1992)
Grilj Simon (VCE 1992)
Mrak Erik (VCE 1992)
Martinčič Natasha (VCE 1993)
Smrdel Veronica (VCE 1993)
Ramuta Natalie (VCE 1993)
Kutin Tania (VCE 1993)
Kojc Evelyn (VCE 1993)
Grilj Tania (VCE 1993)
Krenoš Anita (VCE 1993)  
Kure Christina (VCE 1994)
Zalik Sonja (VCE 1994)
Zver Phyllis (VCE 1994)
Peršič Katerina (VCE 1994)
Petelin Jenny (VCE 1996)
Petelin Susie (VCE 1996)
Ramuta Denis (VCE 1996)
Cestnik Christine (VCE 1996)
Ilič Elvis (VCE 1997)
Ilič Emina (VCE 1997)
Telich Mateja (VCE 1997)
Falan Sanel (VCE 1998)
Iglič Evgen (VCE 1998)
Smrdel Pavla (VCE 1998)
šraj Pavel (VCE 1998)
Vogrin Sabina (VCE 1998)
Iglič Marta (VCE 1999)
Cestnik Wendy (VCE 1999)
Dietner Iris (VCE 1999)
Kohek Karen (VCE 2000)
Antauer Patricia (2000)
Falan Amar (VCE 2001)
Brnjak Amra (VCE 2001)
šraj Lenka (VCE 2001)
Bratina Andrew (VCE 2003)
Rizmal Zalika (VCE 2003)
Žele Silvia (VCE 2003)
Bratina Melissa VCE 2005
Kohek Michelle (VCE 2005)
Postružin Natalie (VCE 2005)
Feher Sebastjan (VCE 2005)



Aleksandra Ceferin

Aleksandra Ceferin (M.A., B.A., Dip.Ed.) has introduced Slovenian language as a school subject in Australian school system and founded the Slovenian Teachers' Association of Victoria in 1976. She has extensive experience in language education: as teacher, lecturer, curriculum coordinator, course writer, language consultant and manager, VCE State Reviewer and Chief Examiner. Since 1998 she has been the President of ISSV and the manager and chief editor of its projects. Aleksandra visits Slovenian annually, establishing and maintaining contacts with Slovenia, and initiating exchanges and cooperation between organizations. In 2004 she was the recipient of the National Education Award of RS Slovenia.