Čatež as described in Slovenian legends is identical with Greek Pan, and his double Roman Silvanus. In common with these deities Čatež is half man half goat, and has horns.

AGM on 18 May 2013

Annual General Meeting for ISSV is at 2.30 – 5.00pm Saturday 18 May 2013. 

Tales of three rivers

Tales about rivers have a special place in Slovenian tradition. They reflect the fondness the Slovenian people have towards their major rivers and express the gratitude and appreciation for the prosperity they bring to their land.

Tales of rivers

These are widely known Slovenian folk tales; "Tale about Drava River" is an account how rye and wheat grain came to Slovenian lands. The "Drava, Sava and Soča" compares the character of the three rivers…


Idrija located in the western Primorska region, is the oldest mining town in Slovenia, renowned for the second largest mercury mine in the world, and elegant white lace.


Frygian name Zemele means earth in Baltic and Slavic languages, the ground, the world. Its identification with the Greek Gaia has been preserved by Latvians as mother earth Žemyna


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