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Universities are in Ljubljana, Maribor, Primorska The system of education in the Republic of Slovenia is based on the principles of democracy, autonomy and equal opportunities. The constitution regulates only the fundamental rights in the sphere of education by determining that Education is free. The compulsory basic education is the responsibility of the state, which finances the system from the state budget. Slovenia is a highly educated society with a literacy rate of more than 99%. State universities and state professional colleges are autonomous. In 1999, the number of people of the age of 29 and under was 756, 175 (38% of the population). Compulsory education is from 6-15 years of age and is free. Slovenia has two ministries dealing with education: Ministry of Education and Sport and Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology. The Ministry of Education, and Sport is responsible for the development of education policies, allocation of funds and implementation of laws and administrative decisions. The curricula are set at the national level. Compulsory subjects account for 80% of the curriculum. In technical and vocational education, the compulsory subjects vary. There has been an expansion of the vocational education and training system. In 1996 Slovenia legislated a special Adult Education Act, to establish national programmes for adult education. Dual system of secondary vocational education and new types of post-secondary vocational colleges have been established.  In 1998, post secondary non-tertiary general courses were introduced. A new certificate of accreditation system was introduced in 2000, which allows adults to gain credit for knowledge and acquire a recognised qualification. Slovenia has three universities: University of Ljubljana (1919), University of Maribor (1975), University of Primorska (2003). About 9% of the population has a university degree. Slovenia is member of the information network on education in Europe, Eurydice. In 1999 Slovenia became a member of the European exchange programmes; Socrates, Leonardo and Youth for Europe.

Learning activities

1. Write a list
Linguistic element: nouns
Write a list of compulsory secondary school subjects and optional subjects in Slovenia

2. Write an informative letter
Text-type: letter
Linguistic element: verbs – reflexive
Write a letter to your friend/relative about the subjects you are studying this year

3. Write a dialogue
Linguistic element: adjectives – agreement
Write a dialogue of a discussion with a friend about higher education courses in Slovenia

4. Design a brochure
Linguistic element: verbs – conjugation
Write a brochure on scholarships available in Slovenia and overseas

5. Script an interview
Linguistic element: prepositions – spatial
Write an interview about one of the three universities of Slovenia
University of Ljubljana
University of Maribor
University at Primorska

6. Present a report
Linguistic element: conjunctions – coordinating
Write a report about the activities of the National and University Library

Comprehension – reading and responding

Read the text ‘Poročilo o delu Slovenskega šolskega muzeja v letu 2004‘ from the web site, ’Slovenski šolski muzej’

Answer the following questions in English.
1. How many persons are working at the School Museum?
2. What was the occasion for the celebration in September 2004?
3. What recent acquisition was an important step in the development of the museum’s work?
4. What are the contents of the Šolska kronika 2004?
5. What exhibitions were held by the museum?
6. What were the educational activities of the museum?
7. What are the areas of activities of the staff?



Sandi Ceferin

Sandi Ceferin (B.A. CELTA) is a researcher and Thezaurus editor. She is a writer of language materials and the Slovenian Webclassroom. Her studies in Slavic linguistics and Indo-European languages has been a springboard to collaboration and development of new model applications of technologies for languages and culture study. Sandi produces curricula and resource materials including Course Outline - Slovenian CSF Years 1-10, published by the Victorian School of Languages, Melbourne (2003).