Australian Slovenian Society TIVOLI, Newcastle Inc

Avstralsko slovensko društvo Tivoli Newcastle

First meetings of Slovenians in Newcastle began partly due to the initiative of Slovenian priests, who were already active in Sydney in 1953 – 1954. There were first Slovenian masses offered in Australian churches and first social gatherings. The invitation of the Sydney Drama Group “Soca, as it was called then, led to further plans. The Committee began to organize dances and social events and to collect funds. On 4 April 1959 the club was established under the English name AUSTRALIAN SLOVENIAN ASSOCIATION “TIVOLI”. Its expressed aims were: to bring together Slovenian migrants in Newcastle and environment; to assist members who were in difficulties due to illness; to provide help to Slovenes, who had difficulty with English language; to provide advice to newly arrived Slovenian settlers; to provide support to unemployed compatriots; to collect funds for building of Slovenian House and hall, and to organize entertainment and recreation.

Australian Slovenian Society TIVOLI, Newcastle Inc.
7 Charles Street
Tel: 02 4954 8619
President: Maria Grosman



Aleksandra Ceferin

Aleksandra Ceferin (M.A., B.A., Dip.Ed.) has introduced Slovenian language as a school subject in Australian school system and founded the Slovenian Teachers' Association of Victoria in 1976. She has extensive experience in language education: as teacher, lecturer, curriculum coordinator, course writer, language consultant and manager, VCE State Reviewer and Chief Examiner. Since 1998 she has been the President of ISSV and the manager and chief editor of its projects. Aleksandra visits Slovenian annually, establishing and maintaining contacts with Slovenia, and initiating exchanges and cooperation between organizations. In 2004 she was the recipient of the National Education Award of RS Slovenia.