Sandi Ceferin
Sandi Ceferin

Sandi Ceferin (B.A. CELTA) is a researcher and Thezaurus editor. She is a writer of language materials and the Slovenian Webclassroom. Her studies in Slavic linguistics and Indo-European languages has been a springboard to collaboration and development of new model applications of technologies for languages and culture study. Sandi produces curricula and resource materials including Course Outline - Slovenian CSF Years 1-10, published by the Victorian School of Languages, Melbourne (2003).


Idrija located in the western Primorska region, is the oldest mining town in Slovenia, renowned for the second largest mercury mine in the world, and elegant white lace.


Slovenian literary tradition is long in tales, myths and legends. A world is shown, populated by magical beings, such as fairies, water sprites and other magical creatures. The tales reflect Slovenian national character and depict their view of the world and experience of life.


The title of the collection by Žarko Petan published in 1999 is Svet v enem stavku (The World in One Sentence). It is a pithy definition for an aphorism.


Webclassroom – Methodology

Slovenian Webclassroom topics is a continuing project with the goal of learning "culture through language". Activities on texts of latest Web resources aim to develop reading and writing skills…


Nearly a third of adult Slovenes pursue an active leisure weekly, including: skiing, walking, horseriding, cycling, canoeing, kayaking, and paragliding. Adrenaline sports are popular…


The Ministry of Health engages in: health improvement, health programmes, health inspectorate, WHO liaison office, national chemical bureau,  health promotion, health care system…