Herman Noordnung Potočnik

Slovenian space travel pioneer When Herman Potočnik, a retired captain and construction engineer in the Austro-Hungarian army published his book The Problem of Space Travel – The Rocket Motor, he did it under…

The Saltpans of Sečovlje

The Sečovlje saltpans (Sečoveljske soline) on the Slovenian Mediterranean coast are today a part of one of the largest coastal marsh wetlands (650 hectares). The wetlands in the estuary of Dragonja River…

Jože Plečnik

The architectural legend of Slovenia Joze Plečnik (1872-1957) holds a special place in the history of the Slovene nation. He became one of the leading architects of central Europe, creating innovative work…

Terra Cognita

In its central European space, Slovenia has maintained a powerful sense of national identity, evident in a highly diversified cultural life, and cultural forms nurtured with long traditions …

Predstavitev: Valvasoricon

Predstavitev/Presentation: Valvasoricon, e-knjiga, 10.00am 11 aprila 2013 v Slovenski etnografski muzej, Ljubljana.   


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Božično vošččilo 2012
Dear friends / Dragi prijatelji, Wishing you a festive Christmas, and a Happy New Year 2013. Želimo vam praznični Božič, in Srečno novo leto 2013. Pax et bonum.