Notable Slovenes

Baron Sigismund von Herberstein

An eminent diplomat of the Habsburg Empire in the 16th century, Sigismund (Žiga) von Herberstein (1486-1566) was the first to make use of his knowledge of Slovenian language in his diplomatic career and in research.


Anton Janša

Anton Janša: "Among all of God’s creatures there is none as industrious and as useful, and needing less care, nourishment, or costing less than the bee".


Janez Vajkard Valvasor

At that time, and some time after, no other country could boast of such a publication. In this work he describes Carniola, the central Slovenian region.

Primož Trubar

The third defining event in Slovenian history is the emergence of reformation and its guiding spirit – Primož Trubar, a priest and disciple of Martin Luther. Trubar argued for Slovenian …