Maya, goddess of nature, greenery and flowers gave the name to the month May. Its visible symbol is maypole (orig. Sl. mlaj), also also called may or maya, which is the focal point of 1st May festivities


Belin is an ancient deity. He succeeded the Great Spirit of the Age of Hunters and appeared as the highest god in the Age of Shepherds and Tillers. He manifested as 

Vodnar / Aquarius

There are few traces left of Vodnar, god of waters in Slovenian tradition, but he lives on in the folk tales as the water man, inhabiting the rivers and lakes of Slovenia, and as St. Christopher, the bread-giver.

The Next World

Carantanians believed that there was a world where the departed dead go, deep underground. There is also an upper world, a beautiful garden, in the mountains, a metaphor for paradise.

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