Dominkova Homestead

Dominkova Homestead is today more than a museum. Medicinal herbs are growing in the garden. In front of the house they still sow corn, plant garlic and other produce …

Šmit Homestead

The homestead is typical of the lower Pannonian region, built of beams coated on both sides with clay. It is a distinctive regional building style called locally cimprača …

Škratelj House

Škratelj House in Divača was built in the 17th century. An important stopover hostelry, it served all traffic until the construction of the railroad between Vienna and Trieste …

Liznjek Homestead

Liznjek house highlights the well established residential culture of country houses in the Upper Sava Valley during the first half of the 17th century. In the centre of Kranjska gora …

Kavčnik Homestead

The Kavčnik homestead with its central part named “dimnica” (smokehouse) takes us back some 400 years. In this space the family slept, cooked, ate and worked.

House of Tona

Tona’s house/Tonina hiša got its name after its last resident, the well-to-do farm owner, Mrs. Antonija Goreli. Some 500 years old building, it is a beautiful example of Istrian rural architecture.

The Trubar Homestead

The three buildings stand on the spot, where Trubar homestead stood, the house where he was born in 1508, with the mill and sawmill. However the present buildings are of more recent date – merely 200 years old.