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Institute for Slovenian Studies of Victoria Inc.
 2/43 Stockdale Avenue, Clayton North, VIC 3168, AUSTRALIA

Telephone: + 61 3 9544 0595
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About STAV/ISSV activities

STAV /ISSV activities since 1976 were founded on the premise that maintenance of language and culture is an important part of human experience and civilization, contributing in a tangible way to the quality of life…

Education projects

From 1976 onwards ISSV had the responsibility of maintaining Slovenian language classes in the Victorian secondary state school system. This involved a range of interrelated activities which included maintenance of classes, curriculum and course development…


The mission of the Institute for Slovenian Studies of Victoria is:
– Promotion, establishment and maintenance of Slovenian language and culture, principally through the medium of technology assisted learning, to benefit the descendants of Slovenian immigrants
– Development of the web node www.thezaurus.com as a vehicle for the study of Slovenian language, culture and the arts
– Presentation of Slovenia and Slovenian culture to the broader English-speaking world community.