9.5. STAV: Articles 1976-1997

Slovenian Teachers Association: Articles, the majority in Slovenian, were written with the aim of stimulating interest in the study of Slovenian language, and informing about courses and conditions, and the advantages of learning the language.

The Book: Slovenian Language in Australia

Author: Aleksandra L. Ceferin, ISSV Inc., Melbourne, 2003. ISBN 0 9750453 0 X.
The book is a record of 25 years of educational work by the Institute for Slovenian Studies of Victoria, from 1977 to 2002, in the state school system of Victoria. It is a record of the dedication and achievements of teachers and students who participated and a memorial to Slovenian parents who supported the school and took pride in their Slovenian heritage.
The book chronicles achievements in field of language education and is an important part of Slovenian migrant history in Australia.

Slovenian cuisine

There are more than forty distinct cuisines in a country, whose main distinguishing feature is a great variety of land formation, climate, and history.

Liznjek Homestead

Liznjek house highlights the well established residential culture of country houses in the Upper Sava Valley during the first half of the 17th century. In the centre of Kranjska gora …

Kavčnik Homestead

The Kavčnik homestead with its central part named “dimnica” (smokehouse) takes us back some 400 years. In this space the family slept, cooked, ate and worked.